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Mechanical Welding

Our mechanical welding branch employs welders that are certified with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority for all positions, all thickness and all diameters. We supply welding services for power piping, refrigerant piping and pressure vessel repair.


Hot tap procedure.

01/ Once the hot tap saddle is installed and pressure tested the hot tap machine is installed.

02/ The valve is opened, hot tap completed, and the coupon (or cut portion) is retained by latching onto pilot drill. Pressure is contained within hot tapping machine.

03/ The cutter and coupon are retracted and the valve closed. Fluid is drained and the hot tapping machine is removed. The tapped valve is now ready for the contractor's tie-in.


Did you know?

We have performed over 500 hot tapping projects in the last 3 years. And we are one of the only contractors certified to hot tap into TSSA registered systems. Get a quote!


IMW has been serving the GTA for over 47 years.

As a multi-generational company with over 47 years of experience we've become known as the most trusted and reliable hot tapping service provider in the Greater Toronto Area.

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